The state-of-the-art infrastructure of Anusam Apparels results in quality manufacturing of all types of garments. New technologies that can be an added advantage in textile manufacturing are adopted in Anusam Apparels to increase their efficiency. A well-established and high-end infrastructure with a skilled employee base in Anusam Apparels is the reason for consistent apparel manufacturing with international quality all through these 25+ years.

Fabric Purchasing & Processing

Raw materials play a main role in the quality of the finished product. Sourcing knitted and woven fabrics of high quality as per the order type and client requirement is essential. Fabrics are purchased from our trusted vendors after quality checking. Quality checking involves analysing the yarn used, knitting and weaving process involved in the production of fabrics, dyes used, etc.

A complete Fabric Analysis is made before purchasing the fabrics. We take this utmost care because most of the garments we manufacture are for babies and children who need delicate fabrics for their comfort. Different washing and dyeing techniques are also followed.

Sampling & Development

The manufacturing process starts only after the samples are approved by our clients. The sampling department and our In-House Pattern Master are highly skilled in producing samples accurately in accordance with the measurements given by our clients. Different types of patterns with correct measurements for even difficult styles are made easily by our pattern master.

Separate sampling is available for embroidery, printing and sewing division. All samples are sent to the clients for approval after which the production process starts. Depending on the style, our sampling lead time varies from 15 – 45 days.


Anusam Apparels’ Garmenting unit contains about 250+ machines to carry out various functions like sewing and cutting. Our varieties of machinery can effectively handle most of the knitted and woven fabrics. The management of the garmenting section is done sensibly to maintain quality in all the processes of garmenting. Line supervisors and controllers keenly supervise the garmenting process where the machines are aligned in a line system. Garmenting section mostly produces all types of apparels for babies and children. According to the style and quantity of the order, our production lead time varies from 30 – 90 days.


Printing provides a good value addition for the garments. After the samples of print designs are approved by the clients, bulk production of printing takes place in our printing machines. Our printing unit can produce about 10,000 pieces in a day which is equivalent to 1000 kg/day production. Our printing machines can effectively produce 10 colour prints.

Different types of prints like Plastisol, Embossed, Full Coverage, Flock, Foil, Reactive, Discharge, etc are possible to be done in our printing units. Antique finished printing is a speciality in Anusam Apparels. Curing and Fusing machines are also separately available.


After printing a great value addition that can be done to garments is embroidery. Embroidery has a deep-rooted history in India and now embroidery can be done using different types of machinery for high volume production. Though the embroidery is done using machines, the essence of embroidery remains the same with enhanced quality. Embroidery for babies and children garments are designed to be gentle on the skin.

Anusam Apparels have the world’s best embroidery machines, namely, Barudan and Tajima machines. Different types of embroidery works like appliqué, add-on requirements and boring technology are done productively in these embroidery machines. Punching facilities are also available. A maximum capacity of 1000 pieces/day is possible from our embroidery unit.


Anusam Apparels have an expert logistics team which is the main reason for our On-Time Delivery of the orders to the clients. We export most of our orders where transportation becomes a hurdle. This is handled well by our logistics team. They take care of international shipping in a hassle-free way.

Everything from packing to the delivery of shipments to the client’s country is properly tracked. The logistics team play the main role in maintaining a low AQL of 1.5 – 2.5%. Our clients are glad for the total logistics and transportation solutions provided by Anusam Apparels. This is also the main reason for our client retention and client referral.


Our experienced merchandising team is a key player in Anusam Apparels. Merchandising manages all the work processes involved in different departments. Our merchandisers take responsibility for orders from the start till the end where the orders reach the client on time. They provide end to end client support.

Communication with proper planning and execution is the main task of the merchandisers’ team. They are the point of contact with our clients. Any changes in the samples or orders required by the client are followed up by the merchandising team and changes are made accordingly co-ordinating with the respective departments.