Fabric Purchasing & Processing Department

Best quality yarn is sourced, knitted, weaved, dyed, and processed. The Overall quality of the product depends on the raw material.

Sampling & Development Department

Separate sampling & development for embroidery, printing & sewing are made for each order & gets approval from the client before production.

Production Department

The complete production that involves sewing, printing, embroidery till the finished product of the orders is taken care here.

Merchandising Department

Proper communication & management between different departments & with the clients from the starting to the timely delivery of the orders.

Merchandising Department

Proper packing, transporting & international shipping of the completed samples & orders to our clients are taken care of by this team.

Quality Control Department

The quality assurance of all departments & the finished products are delivered to the clients only after verification & approval from here.

All departments have three main rules to follow

All the departments follow these rules in accordance with their respective departments. Each department will have different quality assurance methods, processes, and tasks to complete on time. Proper correlated functioning of the departments is important which ensures that Anusam Apparels delivers the orders on time to the clients without any delay.

  • Best Quality Assurance

  • Proper Process

  • On-Time Completion of Tasks